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Monday, April 19, 2010

Debbie Conaway - Master Bedroom - 3 mood boards

Here are 3 mood boards for you to look at.

YOUR MISSION - Let me know which color scheme you like the best (and if it's none of them, please let me know that too, so I can come up with some other options) Let me know which items really catch your eye from each of the 3 mood boards so I can blend everything into a final plan.

I'll be sending a separate email with details & pricing, etc.  

You have flexibility regarding paint.  I've put paint chip colors on the mood boards, but all these schemes will work with your current paint, if you decide not to paint.  I can pull actual paint chips for you to look at.

A few things to remember when looking at the mood boards:

1.  Pay no attention to the bedding on the bed.  I couldn't find a mission bed without bedding.  I have bedding pictured separately on each mood board.

2.  This is for concept only; colors and style.  Items will most likely not be EXACT, but you can get an idea of what the colors will look like in your room with your furniture.

3.  Room arrangement - You have 2 options.  You can keep the bed in front of the windows OR we can put the bed on the wall where the dresser is now and position it closer to the bathroom, creating your sitting area over by the windows.  I can play around with arrangement to see what you guys like best.

Look #1 - Black & Cream

Black/Cream Mission Bedroom

Gray Blue Master Bedroom

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