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Monday, April 19, 2010

Debbie Conaway - Master Bedroom - Other ideas

Here are some other things I really love for your room, but I couldn't put the pictures into mood boards because of the "non-white" backgrounds.  Check these out and let me know what "grabs you"!  Don't let the sources scare you.  I've been known to find the Pottery Barn look "on the cheap".

Bedding ideas:
Bedding from Overstock.com.  Love the "spice" or "black".  "Spice" would go well with your furniture and we could repeat the color in accents.  Black would go with the black/cream mood board.

Pottery Barn Bedding (this is a quilt). Color is mocha.

Another quilt from PB. Same color - Mocha

Organic Matelasse Bedding from Pottery Barn (I see this look at TJ Maxx, etc too)  Any of these colors would be nice.

Pick-stitch cotton quilts from PB.  Love the blue, maize and green!

Cable stitch throw pillow from Pottery Barn

Botanical textured throw pillow from Pottery Barn

Jute trimmed throw pillows from Pottery Barn

Bird embroidered throw pillows from Pottery Barn

Floral "without being fussy" area rug from Pottery Barn

Candle Sconces 

Old keys

Fillable Lamps

Parchment shade lamps

Window style mirrors

Debbie Conaway - Master Bedroom - 3 mood boards

Here are 3 mood boards for you to look at.

YOUR MISSION - Let me know which color scheme you like the best (and if it's none of them, please let me know that too, so I can come up with some other options) Let me know which items really catch your eye from each of the 3 mood boards so I can blend everything into a final plan.

I'll be sending a separate email with details & pricing, etc.  

You have flexibility regarding paint.  I've put paint chip colors on the mood boards, but all these schemes will work with your current paint, if you decide not to paint.  I can pull actual paint chips for you to look at.

A few things to remember when looking at the mood boards:

1.  Pay no attention to the bedding on the bed.  I couldn't find a mission bed without bedding.  I have bedding pictured separately on each mood board.

2.  This is for concept only; colors and style.  Items will most likely not be EXACT, but you can get an idea of what the colors will look like in your room with your furniture.

3.  Room arrangement - You have 2 options.  You can keep the bed in front of the windows OR we can put the bed on the wall where the dresser is now and position it closer to the bathroom, creating your sitting area over by the windows.  I can play around with arrangement to see what you guys like best.

Look #1 - Black & Cream

Black/Cream Mission Bedroom

Gray Blue Master Bedroom

Monday, April 12, 2010

Lowers Master Bedroom - Other Options

Mossy Green, Chocolate with Pops of Turquoise

I would paint the walls the mossy green color.

Mossy Green, Gray & Cream

Paint walls mossy green or gray color

Click on the links above for other color palettes.  Basically, the elements and furniture placement stay the same as the 1st option, but the colors change.

I'm going to pull paint chips today.  Sorry for the delay on this; ran out of time yesterday.  Will drop these on your front porch.

Lowers Master Bedroom - Option #1 - Mood Board

Rust, Chocolate & Cream Master Bedroom Mood Board

Finally got the mood board creator working, so click on the link above to see the mood board for option #1

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lowers Master Bedroom - Option #1 - Russet, Cream & Chocolate

Goal: Create a relaxing retreat with a spa-like feel.

For all 3 options (other 2 options coming later this weekend), I will be pulling paint chips this weekend (I ran out of time this week) and dropping them off on your front porch by Sunday evening.

Option #1:  Russet/Cream/Chocolate

This is the boldest color scheme I will present to you.  The next 2 are softer and include colors that you may not have thought of.  I wanted to give you one option with the russet color you gave me a paint chip of.

Walls: Cream (carry color up to the ceiling)
Accent Colors: Chocolate & Russet

*If you want a little more drama, you could paint the wall behind the bed the russet or chocolate colors.  I think the russet would be beautiful.  It's up to you whether you want to bring that color up on the angled part of the ceiling. Either way will look good.

My mood board creator doesn't work with Mac, so I'll try to give you as many visuals as I can.

This room's color scheme served as my inspiration.  It's more modern than your style, but the color combination will still work in a more traditional room.


Upholstered bench at the end of the bed -
  You have a lot of dark wood in the room, so an upholstered piece would break it up nicely.

shopping tips: you can recover a bench in russet fabric if you find a "deal". Look at thrift stores for benches, scale should be proportionate to your bed 

BENCH STYLE IDEAS (don't pay attention to the colors):

Simple lines of this bench will complement your furniture nicely.  Recover in russet fabric - 

Storage bench. Could hold extra bedding & blankets - 

Seagrass or other natural material

Chair in front of the window angled toward the TV - look for a fully upholstered piece if you are going with a natural material on the bench.  Look for a natural material, if you are going with an upholstered bench.

shopping tips - World Market, Pier 1, & Home Goods are great places to look for chairs.  Don't forget to look in the outdoor patio department of the discounters too.  If you shop online, Ballard Designs & Overstock.com are good resources


Seagrass.  Be sure to go with a lighter finish than your bed, to provide some contrast - 

Rattan - 

Slipper chair (print or solid) - 

Rattan pouf footrest - 


shopping tips: keep it simple (ivory or linen color), look for texture, pop russet and/or chocolate color in throw pillows and a throw folded at end of bed (if you do a russet bench at the end of the bed, make sure throw color is chocolate)  If you do a pattern in your throw pillow, look for branches, simple floral or geometric shapes

Waffle weave (little squares) texture - 

Wave pattern - 

Silk pillow in Russet. The shiny texture will look nice against the bedding - 

Throw and pillow sets on Overstock.com $56.99 - 


shopping tips:  look for height & heft (you don't want your big furniture to make the lamps look wimpy!) If you do a metal color, make it bronze. Look for interesting colors in shades like chocolate or natural linen.  I like the barrel shade shape the best.  Home Goods is a great resource for unique lamps.  Also, don't forget Target; they have a nice selection.  Goodwill is a great place to find lamps to rehab!  If you don't like the shade, Wal-Mart & Target sell shades.
If you paint the bed wall russet or chocolate, an ivory lamp will really "pop" - 

These branch style lamps are really pretty, like sculpture.  I would do an ivory or natural barrel shade instead of the tapered one shown - 


shopping tips - Art.com is a great resource to look at and buy prints to frame.  For framed art, I like Garden Ridge or Home Goods (especially the clearance section!)  For mirrors, I like Home Goods & Pier 1.  Also, thrift stores sometimes have great mirrors that can be rehabbed.

I'll go over furniture placement at the end of this post.  A mirror over the taller chest of drawers would be nice.  Like in the guest room, look for a shape like oval or round.

Art can be hung on either side of the TV and/or over the bed.

Mimics branch look so popular in spa design - 

A group of small mirrors would look nice too.  You can find these at Goodwill all day long.  Just spray paint any bad finishes.  Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint by Rustoleum works well

Very spa feeling - 

Birch trees.  I think these are beautiful - 

This picks up the russet color if you want more color in your art - 

This is also a beautiful piece.  "Orchid Nine Patch" - 

You could also do a wall decor piece over the bed, instead of traditional art 

2 of these on a russet wall would be beautiful - 

This is a more contemporary piece but talk about impactful!  It's really big and would look gorgeous on a chocolate or russet wall over the bed.  It holds candles - 


shopping tips - you really don't need a ton of accessories in the room, just a few things on the dressers & nightstands.  Remember, you can go "accessory crazy" so keep it simple.  Resources for great accessories:  Goodwill, garage sales (rehab!), Home Goods, Pier 1, Hobby Lobby (sometimes), Target

Look for interesting small candleholders for the big dresser.  I would do a row of 3 in the center of the dresser, maybe on a cute tray.  I would keep all accessories LOW and SIMPLE on this dresser, since the TV is here - 

This could also work on the large dresser.  It's a branch design that holds votives - 

For the tall dresser, I would do a nice decorative bowl or tray that can catch pocket change, 
keys, etc.

Decorative bowls in bronze finish

Tray with feet

Wood grain finish

White is always a good buy - 


I like your idea of the window scarf hanging tiered on the round pegs.  I was thinking you might look at round handles or doorknobs at Home Depot/Lowe's for hanging the material, to save money.  I'm guessing you will need about 7-9 yards of material, to get the drape right.  To figure out exactly how much you need, I would use sheets to mock up the scarf on your wall with thumb tacks.  Then, just measure the sheets you used to figure out the yardage.

For fabric in a tiered window scarf, I would go with something relatively lightweight, but not "slinky" or "shiny"  I'm thinking linen or lightweight cotton would be pretty.  I would go with chocolate color since in the plan the wall would be cream.  Also, a print could work too.  Just make sure the pattern is nothing "loud" or "big".  Would be cool to find fabric in choc/ivory branch pattern!

Here are some other window ideas to consider:

Plantation Shutters

Flexible, Bendable curtain rods may be an option if you want to hang curtains.

You could hang traditional curtains on the lower windows and then apply a decal like branches or cherry blossoms in chocolate vinyl to the top windows.  Google "wall decals" for several online resources.  Also, etsy.com has several options.


Bed stays on this wall.  Add:  New bedding, upholstered bench, lamps for the nightstands, art or wall decor above the bed.

Tall chest of drawers moves.  See 2 pics down.  Large chest stays where it is.  Add simple LOW accessories.  Look for 2 panel pieces of art to go on either side of the big dresser.  Key to remember, if you do a print art over the bed, find wall decor pieces for the dresser wall.  If you do a wall decor piece over the bed, do prints on the dresser wall.  

Or, you could do a framed portrait wall on either side.  I would pick out some of your favorite pictures, print them in sepia and frame in espresso frames.  Remember, Goodwill is a great place to buy frames and you can spray them with Espresso spray paint!

New window treatments and chair in front of window

Tall chest of drawers moves here with shaped mirror hanging above it

Because your bed finish is distressed with brown accents, the color scheme will work nicely with the bed finish

Stay tuned....2 more options coming later this weekend!