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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Entry to Master Bedroom

My first thought is to paint this entire little portico your accent color. So if you are going with the lime/turquoise combo, I would paint it turquoise.  This will tie it in to the rest of the space and create some interest in this small area.  

For decor here, since the space is small, I would do a wall piece on the wall that you would see if you were looking at it from the living room. 

If you are painting the area turquoise, your accessories should be apple green.  If you are painting the area the Ethereal Mood color, use turquoise, navy and apple green in your accessory colors.  Just remember to keep it pretty simple.  This piece is more "art" than "function". 

Another thing to keep in mind is the depth of the piece.  You don't want something that's going to block the entry to the master bedroom or get knocked off the wall everytime you walk by.

And finally, you don't have to do a wood tone finish.  White would look great too, or black!  Also, other materials like glass, metal or rattan could be considered.

Here are some ideas:


I love the honeycomb shape of this piece. Of course, you would need a tad darker finish.  If you decide to go with a wood piece, look for something with an interesting shape like this.

Same shape in single pieces.  These are from West Elm.

This is an interesting piece too.  I would hang it low (like console table height) and then hang a piece of art, a mirror or a large framed portrait above it.

Look at these small block shelves.  They could probably be made pretty easily by "Handy Brad" (you know that's going to be his nickname from now on!)  How cool would it be to do a grouping of these high to low and then place a single fake granny smith apple on each shelf, or even a pear?!

I love the curved edges as well as the white color.

Here's the same idea in an octagon shape.

I love the long piece!

This is a cool idea, if you decide to paint this area the Ethereal Mood color.  You can find these shadowboxes everywhere.  I would paint the insides lime green, turquoise and navy.  

Another idea to add color, if you painted this area the gray color.  I love the interesting curved shape and the way they used wall decals to accent the piece.

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